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thranduil elrond sketches by Doitsuki
thranduil elrond sketches
no refs. I've never studied Hugo Weaving's face before but I think this looks reasonably like him as Elrond. C: made in Adobe Illustrator using the Blob Brush      
~An informative piece of my headcanons for Oropher and Thranduil~

Oropher: DOB YT 1397, age 7979 at the end of the third Age.  (TA ended in 3021)
Thranduil: DOB FA 545, age 6504 at the end of the third Age.

Thranduil was not yet a mature elf when Thingol was slain during the War of Wrath, and escaped with Oropher to the Greenwood where they attempted to recover from the trauma. Thranduil and Oropher idolized Thingol, and were greatly distressed at his death. Their hatred of dwarves also stems from this, seeing as Thingol was killed by a dwarf. The Silvan in Greenwood took Oropher as their lord, and accepted his royal house to rule and bring civilised structure to their lives. 
Oropher’s wife was of pure Telerin descent, and though much older than Oropher she sought to marry one who could bear her a child of racially pure stance, as she had been part of the Kinslaying at Alqualondë and held great hatred for the Noldor. Yes, racist elves existed. Anyway - she had been part of Olwë’s traveling group and passed through Beleriand on the Great Journey, crossing the sea and living amongst her kin. After the Kinslaying she wished to return to Middle-Earth, not to help defeat Morgoth (someone with foresight told her, as the event would happen later) but to live away from the terrible memories she held at Alqualondë. I mean you don’t just witness half your family killed and want to keep living there…
When she reached Middle-Earth she met Oropher many years before the War of Wrath, and they created Thranduil as their only son. She did not remain with Oropher after giving birth, for her heart had grown cold and she held no love for her son. Thranduil never knew his mother, and lived his whole life with Oropher until the Second Age where Oropher died. Oropher’s wife had traveled far West after leaving her family, with a sick and empty feeling deep inside. She knew not what she wanted with her immortal life, nor did she yearn for anything at all. In the early years of the Second Age she faded, and her spirit vanished from the world. Mandos could have been all “AYY stay in my halls for a bit” but it was known she did not wish to linger in existence for any longer than she had to. So ends the tale of Oropher’s wife, who he shall be eternally confused for why she left him. She was kind and fair, with icy blue eyes and skin like white sand. Graceful and swanlike, she passed down the aforementioned qualities to Thranduil. Those eyes would remain in their family for generations, a reminder of what their kin had been through in the past. For those of the House of Oropher were not doomed, but chose to live in the past. They did not like change.
~The Beginning of The House of Oropher~
My headcanons regarding Oropher, his wife, and Thranduil. Because /something/ had to have happened to Thranduil's mother, right?

Personal thoughts. Don't hate, just potate.
top kek.
Here's how my life is going

>lost closest friends
>dropped out of school
>leveled up art skillz
>became hella cray


God damn I need to RP *cries*

Oh yes new fandoms!

And Guardians of the Galaxy. Getting back into Ace Attorney ( I made a 50 hour Ace Attorney game about Edgeworth having an alter ego in his mind lmao but got too scared to post it...)

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Hi! I'm Doitsuki, a Hetalia fangirl who loves drawing and music. My name comes from the Japanese words Doitsu -which means German- and Daisuki -which means love-.
I'm really into drawing chibis and cute things, and tend to doodle wherever a white space exists in the many high school textbooks I use daily. So here, you'll find a lot of scanned-in drawings loosely related to boring subject material on the page.

I can speak the following languages:
:iconenglandlookscoolplz: :iconsaysplz: English (Fluent)
:iconkikuplz: :iconsaysplz: Japanese (Pretty Good)
:icongermanyplz: :iconsaysplz: German (Still Learning)

:iconaustriaplz: Ehh... what else? I can play the piano but I've never done an exam, and I fail HARD at drawing realistic hands. I wish I could get someone to teach me :/

:iconuk4plz::iconuk5plz::iconuk6plz: :iconsaysplz: Okay, this looks really cool but I'm more of a
:iconuk7plz::iconuk8plz::iconuk9plz: Germany fangirl than anything else

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